3 abnormal bleeding parts warn you may have cancer

The signs are often very confusing, so many people are subjective and ignore the golden time for treatment.

3 abnormal bleeding parts warn you may have cancer
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Bleeding usually occurs when the patient has an open wound on the body, the amount of bleeding more or less depends on the severity of the wound. In addition, bleeding can also occur due to the weather being too cold, too hot or due to poor nutrition. There is another possible cause of bleeding that very few people notice: Cancer.

Bladder cancer, blood cancer, cervical cancer all have one thing in common: bleeding on the body. However, the signs are often very confusing, so many people are subjective and ignore the golden time to treat the disease.

3 abnormal bleeding parts warn you to have cancer

1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding: Cervical cancer
According to Healthline, the cervix is ​​the lowest part of a woman’s uterus that connects to the vagina. Cervical cancer occurs when cells in the cervix grow abnormally, multiply in an uncontrolled amount, and invade other tissues and organs in the body.

In its early stages, cervical cancer may not cause any special signs and symptoms, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, in the late stages, the disease can cause abnormal bleeding or discharge from the vagina. In particular, often causes bleeding “private area” after the couple “intimacy”.

2. Nosebleed: Blood cancer
Blood cancer is a dangerous disease, because its signs are not clear, until the disease turns to a serious stage, it is discovered.

Blood cancer occurs when the number of white blood cells is produced too much and too quickly, leading to the condition that white blood cells eat red blood cells. Red blood cells are destroyed gradually and the patient shows signs of anemia. Leukemia is a non-tumour-forming malignancy.

The most typical sign of end-stage blood cancer is nosebleeds. In normal people, the phenomenon of nosebleeds usually occurs at a mild level and is easy to stop immediately. However, if you experience heavy menstrual bleeding that occurs continuously for many days, you should immediately go to the hospital for examination, because it is likely that you have blood cancer.

3. Bleeding when urinating: Bladder cancer
Bladder cancer can often be found early because it causes bleeding in the urine or other urinary symptoms.

When urinating, the urine will turn orange, pink, or even dark red.

Usually, it is caused by other causes such as infection, a benign (non-cancerous) tumor, stones in the kidney or bladder, etc. It is important to be checked by a doctor to find reason. core. core.

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