4 kinds of food that eat too much will “hoard fat”, the less you eat, the better

Hyperlipidemia refers to high levels of triglycerides. Hyperlipidemia can lead to many dangerous cardiovascular diseases, such as myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident…

However, more and more young people are now suffering from the disease. That’s because they abuse youth and health without knowing how to stay healthy, leading to elevated triglycerides in the body due to irregular diets, creating conditions for bad fat to “travel”. throughout the body. body and cause disease.

4 kinds of food that eat too much will "hoard fat", the less you eat, the better
4 kinds of food that eat too much will “hoard fat”, the less you eat, the better

Here are 4 foods that can increase your risk of high cholesterol if eaten in large amounts, so limit your intake as much as possible.

1. Hot pot
Many young people like to eat hot pot, but do not know that this dish is high in fat. Even though hot pot only has lean meat, vegetables and even chili oil, fatty meat still contains a lot of fat.

Also, the salt content in hot pot is usually not low. The main cause of high cholesterol is obesity, and the combination of high fat and high salt content in hot pot, if eaten regularly, can make you fat and high cholesterol quickly.

2. Sweet drinks
Sweets are loved by most people, especially carbonated water, energy drinks, milk tea and other sweets. A diet high in sugar and energy drinks can lead to obesity.

If the body is obese, it is easy to suffer from various chronic diseases, especially high blood lipids, high blood pressure and so on.

3. Alcoholic beverages
Alcohol activates lipase in adipose tissue, which promotes the release of fatty acids into the bloodstream. Alcohol oxidatively depletes coenzymes in the liver, resulting in insufficient fatty acid oxidation and increased triglyceride synthesis.

Alcohol may also inhibit the clearance of very low-density lipoprotein from the blood and may lead to hyperlipidemia. If you drink too much, especially when you’re drunk, your liver produces a lot of LDL and you’re at risk for high cholesterol.

4. BBQ
Grilled meat is a very greasy food, and it is also high in fat and cholesterol. Therefore, people with high cholesterol should not eat barbecued meat, and even healthy people should limit the consumption of barbecued meat to avoid high blood lipids.

In the daily diet, in addition to avoiding frequent barbecues, it is best not to eat animal liver and animal oil.

How to Cope With High Cholesterol: Prevention Is Key
1. Low-fat diet

Many people have a “meatless, meatless” daily diet and even prefer to eat animal parts. A high-fat diet like this can lead to hyperlipidemia, which raises cholesterol, a culprit in fatty liver disease, diabetes, and increases the risk of bowel cancer.

2. Eat the Mediterranean Diet

The best way to prevent high cholesterol is the “Mediterranean diet”. A Mediterranean diet can prevent heart disease and stroke, and can slow the aging process.

Eat whole grains, green vegetables, fruits and fish at least twice a week. Limit red meat intake, such as pork, beef, and lamb. Try not to eat processed red meat such as bacon and hot dogs, use vegetable oil instead of animal oil, and eat low-fat dairy products appropriately.

3. 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a day

Research by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) shows that 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a day, combined with a healthy diet, can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes. . Type 2 and high cholesterol.

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