Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bob Villager Guide

Here in our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bob Villager Guide we’re going to cover absolutely everything you could want to know about this Villager. First things first, yes he is a purple cat, and that’s a bit strange. However, the Anima Crossing community seems to love him enough in spite of that. He’s in the top Villager popularity list, meaning that he’s worth a few million Bells, or a couple of thousand Nook Miles Tickets.

Who is Bob?

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Bob is a lazy cat Villager who has actually been in every Animal Crossing game so far. It’s thought that his name is inspired by the Bobcat. Honestly though, I think that maybe the developers just ran out of inspiration in the early days of this series.

I don’t personally love Bob. I would ask him to leave if he was a Villager on my island, but plenty of players out there love him. He does have a pretty great ice cream themed umbrella for when it rains, and you can’t deny that he has some style to him.


Bob’s birthday is January 1, so mark it in your calendar! This guy will hang out in his house for the entire day, so you should head over to say hi. He’ll probably give you some cake and let you take part in the celebrations. This is always good for your relationship, and might reap some benefits later on in the year.

Bob’s Personality

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As a lazy Villager, Bob is super laid back, and gets on really well with other lazy Villagers. His greatest loves are relaxing, and food, which he won’t stop talking to you about for as long as you let him.

He’s pretty good with most other Villagers, but he’ll confuse or annoy any jock Villagers that you have around. They just can’t get their heads around how someone could enjoy sitting around doing nothing all day, or eating for that matter. Most other Villagers, including peppy, smug, normal, sisterly, and even sometimes cranky will get on with him. He will also annoy your snooty Villagers, so watch out for that.

Bob’s House

Image Source: Nookipedia

The house that Bob lives in is probably the scariest one I’ve ever seen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The outside is fine, it’s normal, and that’s great. It doesn’t mess up your island like it would if you could see the interior all the time.

Behind closed doors, Bob’s house is filled with children’s furniture. Even the flooring is made up of mats that you’d put down in a nursery, it’s extremely strange. With that said, it can be seen as charming. He’s clearly never lost that childlike sense of fun, and has brought it to your island in his house. If that sounds like something you’d like, then he’s the Villager for you. I’m afraid I’ll never like entering that building though.

Facts About Bob

Bob is just great for a laugh. You can find him any time of day and he’ll tell you something that will have you in stitches. I think that this video does his personal brand of nonsense the most justice.

That’s all there is for out Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bob Villager Guide. If there’s something that you think we missed, please do let us know in the comments.

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