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APR is at the highest level in 26 years. These 4 cards allow you to pay 0% in installments within one year

Credit card debt is more expensive than ever. Consider using a longer recommended APR to register a new card.

Although higher interest rates may be a good thing if you are looking for a high-interest savings account or certificate of deposit (CD), if you need a mortgage or credit card debt, they are just bad news.

With this in mind, you can see that the credit card interest rate has just reached a 26-year high since September 2022. Although the interest rate is still easy to rise from here, the current average interest rate of all credit cards is 18.79%, or only 19%.

Remember, this is the average interest rate of all credit cards. Many of the best credit cards in the market today charge much higher interest rates. In fact, it is no wonder that the current interest rate of premium reward credit card is the highest, more than 26%, which may make it almost impossible to repay the debt.

Credit card allows you to ignore interest rate within one year

Fortunately, there is a simple way to overcome the high interest rate charged by credit cards. Whether you want to buy a new card or plan to raise debt from other cards, this is correct. If you want to get rid of debt and set aside, or at least avoid paying debt interest in more than one year, the following are the best 0% APR credit cards, which can be added to your wallet in 2022 and later:

Wells Fargo reflection card: the longest 0% recommended transaction in the market

Wells Fargo reflection card ® This is unique because it provides you with 0% of the recommended APR, and opens an account within 21 months after purchasing and transferring the qualified balance. You will have a referral APR of 0% for 18 months. If you pay the minimum amount on time during the referral period, the period will be extended for another three months.

The recommended APR incentive is followed by APR, which may vary from 15.99% to 27.99% depending on the level of trust. Although this card does not provide any rewards, it does not charge an annual fee. When you use this card to pay your bill, it can protect your mobile phone worth up to $600 from damage or theft (deduct the deduction of $25).

Wells Fargo active cash card: 0% extension of recommended discount, fixed interest rate bonus

Wells Fargo active cash ® Cardholders are allowed to receive a fixed cash reward of 2% at the time of purchase, and a cash reward of $200 after spending $1000 at the time of purchase within three months after opening an account.

New cardholders will also receive 0% of the recommended APR when purchasing and transferring the qualified balance within 15 months after opening an account, followed by 17.99%, 22.99% or 27.99% of the variable APR. There is no annual fee. When you use this card to pay your bill, the card also provides mobile phone protection worth up to $600 against damage or theft (deduct $25).

Chase Freedom Unlimited: a durable 0% referral with the best bonus category

The card also provides a combined bonus plus 0% of the recommended APR without annual fee. Specifically, new customers can enjoy 0% recommended APR of balance purchase and transfer within 15 months, followed by APR, ranging from 17.99% to 26.74%.

Chase Freedom Unlimited can get 1.5% cash return when purchasing normally, 5% cash return for travel booked through Chase, and 3% cash return when purchasing in pharmacies and pharmacies. You can also get a 5% refund for purchases made using Lyft before March 2025. New cardholders can earn 1.5% extra cash for all purchases in the first year of membership, and spend up to 20000 dollars.

Capital One SavorOne Cash Reward Credit Card: perfect combination of reward category and recommended APR discount

Finally, if you want to avoid interest but get some rewards when purchasing, please consider Capital One SavorOne Cash Reward Credit Card. The recommended 0% APR discount of the card is applicable to the purchase and transfer of the balance for 15 months, and the subsequent APR may vary from 17.99% to 27.99%. This means that you have more than one year to worry about the interest, whether you want to raise debt from other credit cards or buy in bulk, and do not need to pay interest in a limited time.

During this period, cardholders can get a cash bonus of $200 after purchasing $500 within three months after opening an account. The monetization rate of the card is also very generous for daily purchases, making it easier and faster for you to get rewards. For example, cardholders earn 3% of unlimited cash when shopping in restaurants, entertainment, popular streaming media services and grocery stores, and 1% on all other goods they buy.


The credit card interest rate is the highest in a quarter of a century, but if you are willing to take some action, you don’t have to pay these rates. For example, by registering the balance transfer credit card, you can skip the interest for more than one year and may get some rewards during the implementation process.

Please note that the best 0% APR credit cards are designed for consumers with good to excellent credit. These credit cards will only benefit you if you focus on paying debts and avoiding new debts.

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