Blasphemous Warden of the Silent Sorrow Guide|Dominate This Boss

Warden of the Silent Sorrow is the very first boss in Blasphemous. Unlike other bosses in the game, he is completely unavoidable. You need to kill him in order to progress into the game’s story. Lucky for you, we’ve got some tups and tricks on how to take him down.

You’ll find the Warden of the Silent Sorrow straight after the tutorial section in the very early game. In many ways he is the tutorial boss, but also the point at which you need to decide whether you’re going to continue with Blasphemous or not.

Two Trick Pony

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This boss has literally two attacks. First, he will jump at The Penitent One and try to crush them with his oversized candelabra. This move sees him jump forward and land exactly where The Penitent One is. The second attack is more basic. It simply sees the boss wind up and smash the ground, creating a shockwave that carries forward in the direction it’s facing.

With this in mind, this boss becomes much easier. When it jumps, slide underneath it. when it lands it will attack where The Penitent One was, opening up a window to get three or four hits in.

When the boss winds up for a smashing attack, you’re also able to slide underneath its arms. This is tricky, but if you get it right then you can slash away at the boss’ back for a good few hits.

If you want to play it safe, then get your hits in and move backwards fast. You can jump over the shockwave that the second attack produces. This will let you hit the boss a few times before it manages to recover.


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This boss is a matter of persevering against its solid attack pattern. It will not deviate, and that’s because it’s meant to be easy enough for a brand new player to take on. Make no mistake though, this does not make the boss easy.

I suffered a few deaths before I understood that you could slide under the attacks and jumps. For me at least, the key to beating the boss was the realisation that I could slide away and trick it. There may be something else that makes it all click into place for you, but this was what it was for me.

Two at Once

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Later in the game, much later, you’ll be facing off against two of these guys at once. That is not an easy fight. Suddenly the tactic you used to beat the first boss is useless. If you slide under one boss, the second is ready to take you down.

This will not change throughout the fight. It will be hard, but if you keep up your movement then you will eventually beat them. The key for this second encounter really is to just focus on bringing one of these enemies down first, then focus on the other. There’s no merit in taking them both out at once.

That’s all there is to beating the Warden of the Silent Sorrow. Let us know if you’ve got a different tactic. in the comments.

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