Crucible Ajonah Hunter Guide – Abilities, Essence Upgrades, Upgrade Tree

One of the Hunters in Amazon’s Crucible is Ajonah. The hunter is a fierce warrior that belongs to the amphibian raiders’ race. She is an opportunist and highly skilled in guerrilla warfare. She is a huge asset on the battlefield, excellent at harassing enemies, and uses traps to gain an advantage over the enemy team. She has amazing abilities and upgrades. And you can use the essence through the upgrades tree to improve her effectiveness on the battlefield of Amazon’s Crucible.

Crucible Ajonah Abilities and Upgrades Explained

According to the background profile from Crucible, Ajonah was born into a clan of the renowned amphibian raiders. As I mentioned above, she is an expert in guerrilla warfare which is the result of her upbringing that was full of battles with the Basilons, another race that is hostile to the raiders. Ajonah is nothing short of a hero to her race, she is on a journey to find a weapon to aid her people in fighting their nemesis.

Ajonah Abilities

Ajonah has 6 abilities in Crucible and each complements the other.

Aimed Fire: Increases harpoon accuracy but brings down the damage dealt with the harpoon. It also slows down movement but if you nail a headshot, the target receives a critical strike.

Detonate Jamming Shroud:  Activate the jamming shroud when the jammer is deployed to make it explode.

Squid Mine:  Seeker mine that tracks enemies and explodes, slowing them down.

Jamming Shroud: Detection jammer that blocks detection in an area. You can tap it again to make it self-detonate.

Hire Fire: Shoot a single harpoon that does critical damage if it lands on the head.

Grappling Hook: Shoot a grappling hook and hold to swing.

Ajonah Essence Upgrades

Heal in Shadows:  Ajonah heals 20HP/s when cloaked.

Safe Harbor:  10% speed boost when Ajonah is in the Jamming Shroud. The effect works on allies as well.

Blend with the Reefs:   Use the grapple hook to gain 1.5 seconds of cloaking.

Neurotoxic Venom: Increased slowing effect for Squid Mines.

Strike to the Head:   Crit multiplier goes from 2.5 to 3.0.

Expanded Quiver: Max ammo goes to 2.

Sea’s Bounty:  Increased throwing range for Squid Mines. The number of Squid Mines goes up by 1.

Tidal’s Reach: Additional charge for Grappling Hook but range is reduced. Cooldown is increased by 2s.

Deadly Shroud: Detonate an active Jamming Shroud to do damage and knockback enemies.

Dazzling Burst: Critical hits blind enemies.

Jonah Upgrade Tree

Level Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
1 Quiver Capacity Sea’s Bounty Tidal Reach
2 Deadly Shroud n/a n/a
3 Dazzling Burst Heal in Shadows Safe Harbor
4 Blend With the Reefs n/a n/a
5 Neurotoxic Venom Strike to the Head

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