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The third boss in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’s Project Titan Raid is Titan Omega. This boss is also known as Gargoyle, which is a pretty accurate title when you see it in person. While this boss is pretty massive in itself, it’s actually the arena that you’ll probably struggle with the most.

The arena for this boss has lasers that will appear at various heights throughout the fight. This means you’ll be ducking and diving around those lasers, or climbing up to avoid them. On top of this, there are drones that will continue to pile in and attack you, and of course an insta-kill move from the Gargoyle itself. Don’t worry, this guide will take you through exactly what to do.

Titan Omega Phase 1 – Less Lasers

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This first phase of the boss fight isn’t too complicated, as far as this entire fight goes. The Gargoyle will fly overhead and try to take you out, as will the drones and the lasers. It’s paramount that you avoid damage from the Gargoyle at all costs, though if you get the chance to damage its weak spot, the blue light underneath it, then take it.

The most important thing to watch out for is those lasers. Listen out for something charging up, because it’ll probably be them. Check each side of the arena to see which laser is about to go. It’ll be the same on both sides, allowing you to work out what you need to do.

If it’s the top laser that’s going, then stay on the ground level and go prone. If it’s the middle laser that’s about to go, then you can go prone on ground level, or you could climb the platform to get to the top level. Finally, if it’s the bottom laser that’s about to go, then climb up the platform by at least one level to avoid it.

Watch Out For These

Titan Omega has an insta-kill attack that you need to watch out for. It’ll fly over the top of the arena, and open two of its four flaps. At this point it’s prepping a pulse that will wipe out anyone caught in the area of effect. When the Gargoyle opens up these flaps, it will open one on each side. As a result, you need one player on each side of the Gargoyle at all times if you want to prevent this attack when it comes.

When the hatches open, shoot them. You can spot them by the yellow lights that are shining out of them. If you hit them correctly, they’ll glow white. If you’re successful, the Gargoyle will become unstable for a short period of time. This is a good time to get some damage in on its underbelly.

The Gargoyle is also going to occasionally pump out some electrical pulses. You’ll be able to see these as big red circles on the ground. Avoid them, and get to some high ground away from them as fast as you can. Just don’t bait them onto the platforms, because that will end your run against this boss.

Finally, there are going to be drones filling the arena at all times. When you hear a siren, more are about to burst out. It’s best to have one player focusing on keeping the drones down, but always keep an eye on what the lasers are doing. They will kill you instantly.

Titan Omega Phase 1 – More Lasers

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Honestly, the big difference between boss phases is the number of lasers that are flying about the place. There are going to be way more than in the first phase, so calling them out to each other is the best way that you can work as a team to stay alive and finish the fight.

If the lasers are coming from the top and middle, stay on the ground level and go prone. If you’ve got bottom and middle lasers, then climb up to the highest level. Finally, if there are top and bottom lasers on the way, get to the middle level, and then go prone.

Watch Out For This

Outside of the additional lasers, you now need to shoot four places on Titan Omega in order to stop it from doing its insta-kill attack. It’s going to do this attack a lot when it’s got low health, so you’re going to need two players on each side of it.

The only bright side is that it won’t try to do any of the other annoying attacks. Just focus on stoping that insta-kill move, and then damage it, and you’ll be fine.

That’s all there is to this fight. It’s easily the toughest so far in the raid, but there’s more to come. If you need to know how to take down the bosses from earlier in the raid, check out our Titan Baal or Titan Beta guides.

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