Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Project Titan Raid Guide | Titan Zeta

Titan Zeta is the fourth and final boss in the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Project Titan raid. This is the last boss that you’ll be fighting, then the raid is over. Before you get there though, wow do you have a lot to do.

If you’re starting the raid fresh and need some guides, check these out.

Okay, so what about this specific Ghost Recon: Breakpoint boss fight against Titan Zeta? Well it’s more of a three in one deal. Cerberus has three individual drones that you’ll be fighting against. To top things off, they all have their own unique attacks. There are also smaller drones, and a flashbang attack if you can believe it. Make sure you’re in constant communication with the other players, because this will get messy otherwise.

Titan Zeta Phase 1

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The three drones you’re fighting are going to try to regroup and heal if you don’t keep them constantly distracted. While this is dangerous for you, it’s also essential. Before you even start the fight, decide which of the three drones you’ll be attacking.

As soon as the fight starts, rush your chosen drone. The floor will shimmer, indicating that you’re being targeted. Run in a clockwise circle around them. To avoid their attacks, remaining at the outer perimeters of their vision. The following attacks are based on the three drones’ starting positions.


Left Drone: This drone packs a targeting laser that will charge. If that charge completes and it’s locked on, it’ll fire a sniper rifle shot that will down you instantly. Shoot that laser to stop the charging.

Middle Drone: This drone is fairly upfront with what it does. It uses the gattling guns on its sides to batter you with bullets. Keep running at all times to avoid being hit.

Right Drone: You’ll see a specific point highlighted near this drone, that’s where it will fire a rocket. you won’t be downed with a hit, but it’s still not great. Run to avoid being caught.

Each drone can smash the ground with electricity. This will wipe out your stamina and deal some damage. Try to avoid getting so close this hits you. Everyone should be listening out for a high-pitched shrill noise, this is a signal that the drones are about to drop a flash. Look away from the bosses for a good few seconds to avoid being blinded.

There will be a klaxon at regular intervals. This signals that smaller drones are on their way in. Make sure you take them down as fast as possible, even helping other players out. These guys will end the fight if you let them.

If a player is downed, have someone pick up that player’s drone’s attention as soon as possible. As I’ve already mentioned, the boss will regroup and heal if it’s given the chance.

Titan Zeta Phase 2

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At the halfway point in the fight, when each drone has half health, a bright yellow light is going to shine underneath them. This will trace between them and into the centre of the arena, at which point the drones will turn red. Stick to the outer area of the arena, because this is an instant kill attack. Avoid it and keep the drones moving.

Outside of avoiding this brand new, and merciless, attack, the tactic remains the same. Keep the drones moving, stay out of their attack ranges, and get hits in while you can. Eventually you will kill the boss, and the raid will be over.

That’s everything there is to know about killing Titan Zeta and winning the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Project Titan raid. If there’s something you think we missed, let us know in the comments.

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