Halo 2 Anniversary Toy Locations Guide – Unlock Toybox Achievement

Halo 2 Anniversary came out as part of the Halo Master Chief Collection. These are exciting times for Halo fans both veteran and newcomers. Master Chief Collection players get the game for free and while playing through the main campaign, you can search for collectibles such as the Terminals, Toys, and BLAST Soda Cans. In this guide, we will discuss Halo 2 Anniversary Toy Locations so you can search and find them all.

Halo 2 Anniversary Toy Locations

In Halo 2 you can find 8 character toys and if you are playing the base Halo 2 game, you can’t any of them. The toys are exclusive to the Halo 2 Anniversary Edition on PC. You need to get all of these toys to unlock the Toybox achievement.

  1. Master Chief Toy
  2. Cortana Toy
  3. Prophet of Regret Toy
  4. Librarian Toy
  5. Arbiter Toy
  6. Rampant Cortana Toy
  7. Tartarus Toy
  8. Didact Toy

Master Chief Toy

In the Quarantine Zone, when Master Chief comes to the bridge that must be activated for you to pass, get a ghost and come back to the area where you first faced the Jackel Snipers overlooking the lake. Use the boost to get up the least steep part of the cliff wall. Move to the right until you reach a dead end. You will find the Master Chief Toy here.

Corona Toy

In the Gravemind, you reach an outside area with Jackel Snipers and a Sword Elite. You need to use rocks or the grenade jumps to get to the outer ring. Walk along it, to the right if you just exited the door, and reach the end where you can find the Corona Toy.

Prophet of Regret Toy

In Regret at the starting point of the level, use the grenade jump while Sputnik Skull is active across the torn down walkway to reach the other tower. Use the grenade jump once again to reach the next level. Run along the ledge to reach the Prophet of Regret Toy on Regret.

Librarian Toy

In Uprising, when Master Chief goes out of the building to face a Brute, get on the rocky ledge and use the grenade jump to reach the top of the map. Stay on the right side of the main where the main play area stays to your leg until you reach a Jackel Sniper. Reach the dead-end and search for the Librarian Toy in the rocks.

Arbiter Toy

In Sacred Icon, cross the first electrified bridge and go left, use the grenade jump to reach the higher level. Search for the Arbiter toy in the 3rd farthest dark tube. You can use the plasma weapon for some light.

Rampant Cortana Toy

In High Charity, you reach a room full of flood and the room has a raised rock structure in the center. Use the grenade jump on the rocky arch. Search for the toy on the top of it.

Tartus Toy

In the Quarantine Zone, take the gondola ride at the end and get off it and turn right. Use the Sputnik Grenade jump on the metal wall. The toy is in the middle of it.

Didact Toy

In The Great Journey, keep Master Chief’s Spectre intact. Reach the Banshees and drop down to reach the Spectre from before. Drive off the cliff and reach the beach, keep going, and use the jump to reach the hill behind the big structure. To the back left of the structure, you will see a steep cliff. Use the Spectre to go up the cliff and you will find the final Halo 2 Anniversary toy location.

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