How to Respec Stat Points in Trials of Mana?

In Trials of Mana, you can increase your characters’ attributes such as luck, spirit, strength, etc. to increase their effectiveness in battles. But what if you make a mistake and wish to start over from everything? In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about you can respec your characters’ stat points in Trials of Mana.

Trials of Mana – How to Respec

The ability to respec in Trials of Mana is not something available from the get-go. To do so, you will need to reach Merchant Town Beiser which will take you a few hours, at the very least. Once you get to Merchant Town Beiser, head toward the southeast edge of the area (near the docks) to arrive at the Night Market.

Staying true to its namesake, the Night Market offers its services only during nighttime so make sure you arrive at the appropriate time. After arriving at the Night Market, find the fortune teller with a crystal ball sitting at one of the tables. It’s through her you will be able to respec your characters’ stats.

All of this comes at a price obviously. However, the price that you will need to pay varies on things like how far are you into the story or how many points you need respec. It can range anywhere from a thousand or tens of thousands Lucre.

If you are running low on cash, feel free to check our Lucre Farming tips.

Another important thing to note is that after talking to the fortune teller for the first time, you are free to return to her any time you want. There is no limit on how many times you can respec your characters in Trials of Mana, provided that you have got sufficient funds.

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