How to Subdue Enemies in XCOM: Chimera Squad?

There are some operations in XCOM: Chimera Squad that require you to subdue enemies and capture them alive instead of outright killing them. By doing so, you obtain intel that you should be able to use when it comes to completing various projects and items. To help you achieve it, in this guide, we will help learn about how you can easily subdue enemies in XCOM: Chimera Squad to capture them alive.

XCOM: Chimera Squad Subdue Enemies

Every agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad comes with the “Subdue” ability. As the name suggests, it can easily subdue enemies but because of its low damage output, you will need to land the final blow with the ability when the target is at touch HP – this makes it arguably the toughest method of subduing an enemy.

Aside from this, you can also buy Tranq Rounds on every agent and use them to a greater effect. You should be able to stock up on them from the Supply at HQ.

Lastly, there are some agents who come with the ability of knocking enemies unconscious instead of outright killing them. These agents include Verge who can add enemies into his Neural Network in which they cannot die at all! Another one is Cherub who can shield bash an enemy to knock it unconscious.

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