How to Unlock Spec Ops Missions in XCOM Chimera Squad

In XCOM: Chimera Squad there are brief missions called Spec Ops which can be assigned to your agents. If completed, you will get rewards in return. The time limits for completion, vary from mission to mission according to their type. There aren’t many missions available but the bonus you get in return is the main goal. In our guide, we are going to tell you the details about each of the Spec Ops missions and how you will be able to unlock them.

How to Unlock Spec Ops in XCOM Chimera Squad

Glad Handing

You will come across this mission in the early stages of the game. Unlike some of the other missions, Glad Handing has no criteria attached, so you can hand it over to any agent to complete. The time limit for this mission is 3 days. If successful, you will receive 85 credits as a reward.

Elerium Sting

Like Glad Handing, you are also able to do this mission earlier on in the game and it has no criteria either. The completion time limit is the same and you get 65 Intel as a bonus.


This has pretty much the same details as the above missions. The reward amount is 25 Elerium.

Sanctioned Cooperation

Now for this mission, you will need a Special Agent with a rank along with a Security Field Team that is on Rank 2. The time limit to complete this mission is 5 days. The reward is a bit different as you will be able to get an item free of cost from the Scavenger Market.

 Humanitarian Aid

The requirements for this mission are the same as Sanctioned Cooperation. The time limit is also the same but as a reward, you will get to reduce unrest by 1 in all the districts.

 Recruitment Drive

The requirements and time limit of this mission are also the same as the two previous ones we have mentioned. The reward you will receive is a 1 Field Team.

Crisis Management

This last mission on our list, you will need to assign to a ranked Special Agent also, but there are no other requirements. The time limit is 5 days and upon completion, you can reduce the City Anarchy by 3.

Here ends our list of all the Spec Ops missions in XCOM: Chimera Squad. They will help you earn a ton of rewards so don’t miss out on completing them!

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