Intel Raptor Lake could launch in September to deal first blow to AMD in next-generation CPU war

The 13th generation processor can be revealed at the Innovation event on September 27

Intel has announced that its Innovation event for this year will take place on September 27 and 28, quickly fanning speculation that this is where we can see the launch of the next-generation Raptor Lake desktop processor.

Intel Raptor Lake could launch in September to land first blow against AMD in next-gen CPU wars
Intel Raptor Lake could launch in September to land first blow against AMD in next-gen CPU wars

Intel Innovation is a conference where developers and the ‘tech world’ meet for a series of workshops, demonstrations, etc., primarily focusing on AI, the cloud, computing and the future, well, are innovations.

It’s also “an opportunity for us to hear about the latest launches” and as you might recall, at Intel Innovation last year, the chip giant launched a new processor in the form of Alder Lake.

So the obvious expectation is that we can see Raptor Lake revealed at Innovation 2022, as these next-generation CPUs are being sent in and are expected to be released around that time.

Analysis: Then, will you take part in races with Raptor Lake in early October?

If you recall, Alder Lake’s debut at Intel Innovation last year was a pretty big thing and involved showcasing the flagship CPU, the 12900K, which was overclocked (by ‘Splave’) and set some new records in the process (reaching 6.8GHz). That happened at the event that took place between October 27 and 28, with the Alder Lake desktop chip actually going on sale on November 4, 2021 (officially, though, though some retailers have jumped on the gun a bit anyway).

We can then hypothesize that the Raptor Lake processor could be revealed on September 27 and then go on sale in the first week of October. What makes this seem more likely is that we’ve seen quite a few rumors emerge in recent times about Raptor Lake, which suggests the launch is getting closer and some speculation that Intel is aiming for a 10-day release for the 13th-generation chip; So this all relationships are neat up. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, but there seems to be a compelling enough argument here in our books.

If the Raptor Lake chip hits the shelves in early October, that could beat AMD in terms of next-generation launch times. Of course, Team Red already has its Ryzen 7000 CPU later this year, and the current expectation is that these processors could also be launched in September, but that could also be the initial revelation. And with talk of AMD needing to free up the ‘redundant’ Ryzen 5000 repository before the Zen 4 launch, if Intel moves to go on sale as early as October, it’s likely that Team Blue could take down that hugely important first hit that battle of next-generation CPUs.

With so many rumors circulating in recent times surrounding the impressive performance increase that could be opened up by Raptor Lake, at the moment, perhaps the main question that remains in many people’s hearts is: how will Intel come up with the price tags of the 13th generation silicon?

What’s worrying is that Team Blue may be looking to raise the asking price for its chips, and this could include Raptor Lake – although a fairly high price increase will go down with consumers being squeezed by inflation and the rising cost of living, We’ll have to see. Of course, if it happens, and we should be extremely cautious when assuming anything on that front.

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