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Mark Zuckerberg claims WhatsApp is more secure than Apple’s iMessage

Meta is ramping up its advertising efforts to see user privacy as WhatsApp’s forte.

CEO Meta Mark Zuckerberg asserted in an Instagram post that the company’s WhatsApp messaging platform is “more private and secure” than Apple’s iMessage. Attached is an image of a billboard installed by Meta in New York City that says WhatsApp is not a “blue bubble” (iMessage) or a “blue bubble” (Android), but a “security bubble.” “.”. secret”.

“WhatsApp is more private and secure than iMessage, with end-to-end encryption for iPhone and Android, including group chats. With WhatsApp, you can have all your chats too. New stories disappear at the touch of a button. Last year, we also introduced end-to-end encryption for backing up messages. These are things iMessage still doesn’t have,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Instagram.

Currently, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users worldwide, but it is not the most popular messaging app in the United States. So Meta wants to take a bigger market share here. Privacy and security are factors that Meta is said to want to promote to its users. As shared with The Verge, Meta spokesperson Vispi Bhopti said this will be part of a larger ad campaign in the near future, spanning multiple media including TV, online video, outdoor banners and more. . . and social networks across the US.

Meta isn’t the only tech company criticizing iMessage. Recently, another tech giant, Google, also pushed RCS, Apple’s text messaging successor. “RCS is the modern standard for messaging and has been adopted by most of the biggest names in the industry. We want every manufacturer to know this to implement RCS to help smartphone users have a great experience. A better messaging experience,” Google Brian Rakowski, vice president of product, said at the Pixel 7 launch event in early October.

Despite Google’s public appeal, Apple has restricted messaging on the iPhone to only SMS and iMessage, making it impossible for iPhone and Android users to share photos and videos via Messages. When asked about it, Apple CEO Tim Cook said it wasn’t something users asked the company to do.

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