Multi-car family car insurance

The following are the items to consider when obtaining a multi-vehicle insurance quotation for your family vehicle.

Automobile insurance is compulsory

First, auto insurance is mandatory. If you plan to drive, the law requires you to have car insurance. Every car you own needs to be insured, and every family member driving the car you own must be listed in your car insurance policy.

Each state has different laws that stipulate how much insurance you need. At Root, we ensure that you have legal coverage by providing you with state minimum requirements in the application. Then, you can adjust your insurance coverage according to the content that best suits your family’s needs.


Whether you have two or six cars, three teenagers driving, or only you and your partner, it is much simpler and more convenient to put all the cars in one contract than to sign many different insurance contracts with different insurance companies. Payment and extension dates and various complaint experiences. Just think about it.

When you can put all the cars and drivers in your home in the Root car insurance policy, you can easily find everyone’s insurance card in the application, or make it easy for anyone in your home to apply. And, you know, if something unnecessary happens, everyone in your family will be protected, which is completely safe.

But it is important to remember that the vehicles in the contract must be owned by the main contract holders – which means that they must indicate their names on these vehicles. For example, if each husband and wife owns their own car, and the husband is the only one who signs the car ownership document, and the wife is the only one who signs the car ownership document, then everyone needs to buy their own car insurance for their own car.

However, the driver listed in the contract can be any person in the family who drives the car in the contract. Therefore, the husband can still add his wife as a driver to his car contract, and the wife can add her husband to his car contract.

Family Milestone

The milestone in life is a good time to reassess auto insurance – if the insurance company you work for is still the most suitable, and make sure you have enough insurance to meet the needs of you and your family.

For example, you may need to consider your insurance coverage when adding teenage drivers or college students to the policy. Or, you may want to adjust your insurance coverage when purchasing a new car, such as a larger car, to accommodate a growing family, because different vehicle types will affect your car insurance rate in different ways.

The following are some important milestones for reassessing auto insurance:

  1. Marry
  2. New cars for growing families
  3. Teenage driver
  4. Buy a house
  5. Discounts and savings

Yes, when you have multiple car insurance policies, your car insurance rate will increase. The more cars you want to insure, the higher your rate will be. This is true of any insurance company. However, with Root, your rate depends mainly on your driving style. This means that excellent drivers can save hundreds of dollars when buying car insurance, even on many cars.

This is why Root’s multi-car policy may be cheaper than other policies, even for a teenager. Most insurance companies have significantly increased the premium of young drivers, who believe that the risk of young drivers is very high. The original rate is mainly based on the way people drive, including teenagers. This means that when your children test drive, they can help you get lower family car insurance rates than other insurance companies.

By combining your root car insurance contract with homeowner’s insurance, you can even save more money for your family. You can not only get a good driving discount, save hundreds of dollars in auto insurance every year, but also get the automatic discount of homeowner’s insurance when purchasing in a package. It is very simple in the Root application.

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