Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Combat Challenges Guide: Rewards, Meditation Training

With the release of the latest update on May 4, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order players can now enter the combat simulations when Cal’s meditating. You get access to a new option called Meditation Training where you can complete different combat challenges and earn rewards in Jedi Fallen Order.

Jedi Fallen Order Combat Challenges and Rewards

In the Meditation Training menu, Cal can complete combat challenges and even create his own challenges thanks to a custom challenge builder. There are a total of 12 combat challenges that increase in difficulty as you progress.

You can troopers, mini-bosses, etc. Waves of enemies come at you; you can bring your abilities and Stimpacks. Enemies can overwhelm you and dying means the encounter will reset.

There are three conditions to complete the challenges, although two of them are no compulsory you get additional points. One is to beat the combat challenge of course, while the other two beat it without healing and beat it without taking damage. If you manage to earn 12 points in total, you can earn a special reward. Get 12 points to unlock 3 custom skins for BD-1.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Need more help with the game? Check out Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Wiki.

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