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The best country for gender equality: education

The states in the northeast, west coast and near the Great Lakes scored the highest in education.

The education category of the best country analysis of gender equality takes into account the gender differences in two indicators: the four-year graduation rate of men and women, and the grade 8 achievement test scores of men and women in mathematics and reading. Among all the difference-based categories we analyzed, education is the only category in which women perform better than men.

The Northeast, the West Coast and the states bordering the Great Lakes scored the highest in education, which means that their gender gap is the smallest. Maryland, Indiana and Illinois ranked in the top three. Alabama, Idaho and Arkansas scored the lowest of all states.

Among those seeking four-year undergraduate degrees in public universities, the proportion of women completing degrees in each state is higher than that of men. Nationwide, 66% of women completed their studies, compared with 59.7% of men, with a difference of 6.3 percentage points.
In each state, girls’ reading scores are also higher than boys’, and the gap is widening with the improvement of class level. Girls are 7 points higher than boys in grade 4, 11 points higher in grade 8 and 13 points higher in grade 12. In mathematics, boys lead in the fourth grade in most states, but only three points in the country. By the eighth grade, the average score difference dropped to less than 1 point.

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