Ultimate Valorant Jett Agent Guide – Abilities, Tips, How To Win

Our Valorant Jett Agent Guide will help you with all of the abilities for this particular agent along with strategies on how you can combine the abilities in order to win.

Valorant Jett Agent

Jett is a duelists agent with incredible movement speed and abilities that confuse her enemies. She can use all of these to her advantage by quickly flanking her enemies before they even realize it.

Obviously, Jett suits players who like to play aggressively. Here we will discuss all of Jett’s abilities and how you can use this agent to win.


The following are the abilities that Jett has at her disposal. These include basic abilities, signature ability, and her Ultimate ability.

Ability Type Cost Charges Description
Cloudburst Basic 100 Creds 3 Jett throws a smoke grenade to obscure enemies vision
Updraft Basic 200 Creds 2 This ability allows Jett to jump high above using an airburst.
Tailwind Signature Free 1 Jett dashes and covers a small distance instantly in the game direction she is moving.
Blade Storm Ultimate 6 Ultimate Orbs 1 Jett throws 5 accurate daggers at enemies that deal moderate damage but kill on a headshot. Jet can throw one dagger at a time or all at once. Killing enemies with the ultimate will return the knife.

Jett Tips And Strategies – How To Win

As I have mentioned earlier, Jett is very agile and can flank her enemies with ease thanks to her fast movement and abilities. She can use verticality to her advantage as she can use the Updraft to reach ledges and windows faster. Combine this ability with Cloudburst to jump higher without being noticed by enemies.

Your cloudburst ability will work best if you throw them around corners and through windows to confuse enemies and then rush them. This will work best if you have Blade Rush ready to unleash on your opponents. However, don’t rush opponents alone. While Jett is fast but she can’t take everyone head-on.

If you are overwhelmed during a battle, players can use the Tailwind to quickly escape. However, players can combine Updraft and Tailwind to jump and get behind enemies.

As for Jett’s ultimate, she throws 5 daggers at opponents. Either one at a time or all of the remaining daggers at once. While they deal moderate damage, they can kill if players score a headshot. Not only that, killing an enemy will return the dagger to Jett.

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