Ultimate Valorant Raze Agent Guide – Abilities, Tips, How To Win

Raze is the agent in Valorant that you can pick if you like throwing grenades and shooting rocket launchers. In this Ultimate Valorant Raze Agent Guide, we are going to go over the abilities of agent Raze, her abilities and give you some tips and tricks on how you can win with this agent.

Valorant Raze Agent

Raze is a duelist and when playing this character, you will try and pressure the enemy team into making a mistake so that you can punish it later on. She can push enemies with her explosive abilities.


All agents have access to 4 abilities. One of them is free. There are two more that you can buy and then you have the ultimate ability. The following is what you need to know about the abilities of agent Raze in Valorant:

Ability Cost Charges Description
Boom Bot 300 1 Raze lays down a bot that seeks out enemies and explodes once it gets close. The bot can only go straight but can be bounced off walls to check different angles.
Blast Pack 100 2 a small timed C4 device that can also be blown up by reactivating the ability button. Does damage to teammates and enemies but can be used to propel Raze higher or further, similar to Jett‘s movement abilities.
Paint Shells (Signature) N/A 1 (Recharged after 2 kills) A thrown grenade that explodes into 4 smaller grenades. Great for forcing enemies out of corners or denying entry to certain areas.
Showstopper (Ultimate) 7 Ultimate Orbs 1 Raze pulls out her rocket launcher and has 10 seconds to fire it, dealing massive area damage to enemies, usually guaranteeing at least a single kill.

Raze Tips And Strategies – How To Win

Raze is all about maintaining pressure on the enemy. Make the enemy team do something wrong so that you can punish them. Her Paint shells can be used with boom bot to really push an enemy into making a tough decision. The enemy can stay and risk being caught in the shell or run and risk being discovered by the bot.

Use her ultimate ability near someone for a guaranteed kill. You can use her ultimate in small rooms in order to do the most damage. Blast packs can be used against enemies that are hiding behind corners. They can also be used for an extra boost when jumping. The explosion won’t hurt Raze and will push her higher or further.

Raze is a heavy fragger. The enemy team is going to try and kill you first. In order to avoid this, try not to rush the same area over and over. If you do that then it will be easier for the enemy to predict your movement and location.

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