Upcoming Apple iPad, MacBook And iMac To Use TSMC 5nm Chips

We know that Apple is going to ditch the Intel CPUs for the upcoming MacBooks and iMacs and now we have more information regarding the upcoming Apple Silicon ARM-based chips that are going to be used in the future products. We have a roadmap regarding the upcoming iPad, MacBook and iMac from Apple that are going to be powered by the TSMC 5nm chips.

Apple iPad, MacBook And iMac To Be Powered By TSMC 5nm Chips

The first A14X processor design has been finalized and will begin mass production using TSMC’s 5nm process before the end of 2020. We already know that Apple is going to release a new Macbook before the end of the year which is going to be powered by Apple Silicon and because of the ARM CPU, it is going to have an all-day battery.

Apple 5nm

The A14X processor is not only going to power upcoming MacBooks but iPads as well. In the past, Macbooks and iMacs had graphics solutions from Intel or AMD but that is going to change. From what we see here, Apple is working on a GPU of its own as well. So it is possible that Apple is not only going to ditch Intel but AMD as well.

This is very interesting indeed and this means that the future Apple products are going to be better optimized as not only is Apple going to have its own software but it is also going to have its own complete hardware. So the integration between the hardware and the software is going to make a huge difference.

This seems to have been the plan all along for Apple as it no longer wants to rely on other companies to provide the hardware that it needs. It is essentially not going to rely on third-parties such as Intel and AMD and is going to cut out the middle man entirely.

The new 5nm process can offer better performance and higher efficiency which would mean better battery life and better performance across the board.

We do not know what kind of performance the Apple GPUs in the iMac are going to offer but seeing how Apple is going to be integrating the hardware and the software itself, then that would mean that Apple will be able to make the most out of the hardware and use all the power available.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Apple iPad, MacBook and iMac being powered by TSMC’s 5nm process and whether or not you are interested in upgrading to these new products when they come out.

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