Valorant Agent Tier Guide: All Agents And Their Tiers

Valorant has quickly become very popular as an FPS game and is kind of like CS: GO. In Valorant, you control characters called Agents and they have different tires. In this Valorant Agent Tier Guide, we are going to go over the different tiers of Agents.

Valorant Agent Tier List

Different people have different playstyles and preferences. So whether or not you like these Agent tiers in Valorant will differ from person to person. This listing is from our experience and it is fine to disagree with it.

S Tier

At the very top, we have Breach, Viper, Raze. These characters can easily carry a team by eliminating the enemy team or taking over the situation. Raze can easily take out a group of enemies with grenades and the rocket launcher ultimate.

Breach has the flashbang and earthquake stun that can control a group of enemies and then take them out with relative ease. Viper has abilities that last very long and help in zoning.

A Tier

This tier includes Sage, Brimstone, and Jett. Sage is a supporting character with pretty good zoning abilities. The agent can bring back a player from the dead as well.

Brimstone can place three clouds of smoke pretty much anywhere. And these stay in place for a long time. Brimstone’s ultimate shoots a laser on any part of the map. The laser will kill enemies that it touches. Jett is one of the most mobile characters in the game. You can play aggressively with this agent and push enemies back.

Valorant Agent Tier

B Tier

This next Valorant Agent Tier includes Phoenix, Sova, and Omen. Pheonix can get frags for the team. His abilities might not be as strong as some other characters. He also has an interesting ultimate that allows him to return to a specific location on the map after death.

Sova is great at recon. A great scout but can be easily outdone in battle. Omen can use smoke and teleportation to get to vantage points and get the upper hand. This character is great for flanking. He is hard to master.

C Tier

In this Valorant Agent Tier, we only have Cypher. The spike site ability is useful but the character does not have any other useful abilities. Cypher is not an ideal pick for most scenarios.

That is all for our Valorant Agent Tier Guide. Stay tuned for more guides!

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