Valorant Ranked Mode Guide: How To Rank Up Fast, All Ranks

Valorant Ranked Mode is out now. Getting to the top is not going to be easy. In this Valorant guide, we are going to go over some tips and tricks that will help you rank up. We are also going to go over all the ranks in the game.

Valorant Ranked Mode

In order to unlock ranked matches, you need to complete 20 unranked matches. There are 8 ranks with 3 tiers each except for the top rank which is called Valorant. You can queue with up to 5-player parties but they must be within 2 ranks.

Rank will not be displayed if competitive matches have not been played in 2 weeks. Note that your ranks will not decay either. If you played the ranked mode in the closed beta then that will not transfer to the official launch.

Valorant Ranked

How To Rank Up Fast In Valorant? Tips And Tricks

The basics are that if you perform well and win then your rank is going to increase. If you perform poorly and lose matches then your rank is going to fall. The following are some tips and tricks that will allow you to increase your rank much faster than others.

While running, a circle will form around your icon on the map. This shows how far away players can hear your movement. You can start walking or crouching when you suspect that an enemy is nearby.

Most guns are not accurate when jumping. You can jump and shoot fine with shotguns. This works with Jett’s Q ability as well.

Pheonix’s Curveball takes 0.5 seconds to pop. It flashes for up to 0.8 seconds. Breach Flashpoint takes 0.5 seconds to activate and flashes for 1.75 seconds. Omen’s Paranoia blinds for 2 seconds and has a 35-meter range.

Press Left Alt to see which abilities are available to your teammate. This will let you know if Sage has heal.

Brimstone’s Smoke lasts for 15 seconds and is not see-through. Jett’s Smoke lasts for 3.25 seconds. You need to time these in order to coordinate pushes and attacks. Omen’s Dark Cover lasts 12 seconds while Cypher’s Cage lasts 6 seconds. Vipers Poison Cloud 6.67 fuel per second and with max fuel it can last for 15 seconds.

The knife does 50 damage with the left click and 75 damage with the right-click. Backstab right-click does 150 damage.

Sage’s Wall has 1000 HP for each segment and lasts for 40 seconds. Wall HP will start to decrease every 8 seconds down to 1 HP at 5 seconds remaining. Knives to double damage against walls. 10 left click or 7 right-clicks will take down the wall. Satchel does 10 times more damage to walls between 250 and 750.

Sage’s Healing Orb lasts for 5 seconds and does 20 healing per second. It does not heal armor.

You can curve Pheonix’s Wall and Jett’s smokes with your crosshair. For Jett’s Smoke, you need to hold down the ability key at the same time.

The items that you can pick up include; Cyphers Camera, Cypher’s Tripwire and Vipers Poison Cloud.

Valorant Ranks

In total there are 22 ranks that you can achieve in Valorant. They are as follows:

  1. Iron 1
  2. Iron 2
  3. Iron 3
  4. Bronze 1
  5. Bronze 2
  6. Bronze 3
  7. Silver 1
  8. Silver 2
  9. Silver 3
  10. Gold 1
  11. Gold 2
  12. Gold 3
  13. Platinum 1
  14. Platinum 2
  15. Platinum 3
  16. Diamond 1
  17. Diamond 2
  18. Diamond 3
  19. Immortal 1
  20. Immortal 2
  21. Immortal 3
  22. Valorant

That is all for our Valorant Ranked Mode guide.

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