What to do when the school is invaded by the ‘virtual’?

Online teaching and open education are growing strongly, so school culture has become virtualized in terms of true values. How to build a school culture in the context of digital transformation?

This morning, November 21, the National Assembly’s Committee for Culture and Education held an education seminar in 2021 with the theme “School culture in the context of education and training innovation”.

Prof. Huynh Van Son, Rector of Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, representative of the School’s Strong Educational Psychology Research Group, will participate in the workshop and share the group’s ideas on building academic culture. online environment.

Virtual reality – new challenge
Before the conference, Prof. Huynh Van Son shared with Thanh Nien newspaper about the group’s assessment of the current situation of school culture in cyberspace.

Prof. Son said that the current assessment shows that school culture in cyberspace still has many issues that need attention. However, on the basis of general assessment, online teaching and open education are developing strongly, so school culture has some variations such as virtual in true value: virtual in self-expression; virtual in self-perception; virtual in the way of interaction…

Along with that, online school culture is being affected too much by many issues such as: teacher’s name, pressure from learners and parents; challenges in terms of mining conditions, network usage, digital learning materials, etc.

Users are showing signs of rejuvenation when the actual use shows that it is primary school students who have come to the internet and facebook from many different needs, showing that it is necessary to study the needs and skills of these children to Updates for teachers and educational administrators, as well as teachers working as part-time psychological counselors, or counselors to have a proactive monitoring and prevention plan.

The risk of becoming a victim of cultural mixing
Reporter: What are the consequences arising from the above fact, professor?

Prof. Huynh Van Son: There can be many consequences if we do not invest deeply in building school culture in the context of online teaching and digital transformation in education. Or is it just a general orientation without a practical action plan. All of which can create cultural confusion. Cultural heterogeneity is well described when age, functional roles, and communicative interactions have no basis or basis.

Multi-level, inter-level magnification information; Information is multiplied many times or news is constantly updated, lack of control, lack of sources, causing information recipients to gradually drown in information sources. Or cultural expressions in cyberspace with expressions of “hacking and slashing”, “boycotting the council”, “group spirit violence”, discriminatory, objectionable, crowd pressure… cause confusion, struggle, even tension when receiving actively or passively…

From the above issues, it is extremely important to pay much attention to the digital environment, to digitize lectures and learning materials, and especially to create safety for the teaching staff when communicating and teaching online. . important.

The digital environment shows how important it is to influence school culture at the level of social networks or interactive groups. Specifically, spontaneous forums and uncontrolled forums related to the teaching profession also contribute significantly to school culture. It is the type of forum that is set up without control after a while, many members set up but it is not guaranteed to be screened, specific requirements and accompanied by regulations on the participation culture, leading to unbiased speech. , the goals of personal gain or promotion… appear.

In fact, when social networks develop, forums are new communities that are opened for exchange, sharing and interaction. Not only sharing positive information, but many forums began to speak badly about the profession, colleagues, and students, gradually creating negative views. In addition, negative manifestations such as having a distorted view of the profession, subjective assessment to spread problematic views about school also began to appear.

In particular, the purchase and sale of lesson plans or lesson plans; The initiative of experiences, summaries or exercises after training classes that teachers promote, buy, sell, and build school culture is a sadness of students, parents and many levels of government. everyone else can see and know…

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