How to Find a Primary Physician for AHCCCS

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How to Find a Primary Physician for AHCCCS

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), pronounced ‘access’, is healthcare insurance provided by the State of Arizona and is contracted through various health care providers. Eligibility for the coverage can be a function of age, income or condition.

Step 1

Go to the AHCCCS website (see Resources).

Step 2

Click on “Available Health Plans” in the left hand pane.

Step 3

Click on “Health Plan List.” A pop-up window will provide a way to search for your health plan by zip code or county of residence. You can also click on “Statewide List of Health Plans” for a list of all health plans in the state.

Step 4

Click on the website for the health care plan you are enrolled in or call the member number listed next to the website address. As an example, click on the website address for Phoenix Health Plan or call (800)747-7997 and ask for assistance with finding a primary physician.

Step 5

Locate a Provider List or a link titled “Find a doctor.” This is a PDF for the Phoenix Health Care Plan. You can also look for a primary physicians by name, gender, zip code or city.

Step 6

Call the provider and explain that you are looking for a primary physician and got his name off of the list given to you by your healthcare provider. She will let you know if she can provide that service or provide you with the information of a provider who can.

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