How to Get Approved for an Amazon Credit Card

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How to Get Approved for an Amazon Credit Card

If you love the convenience of online shopping, is one of the largest online retailers in the world. The company offers customers two credit card options for individuals who find themselves using the site on a frequent basis. You can either apply for the Rewards Visa card from Chase or the Store card from Synchrony Bank. Each has its own application and approval process.

Card Features

The Store card may be used for purchases only. It offers special six-month financing on purchases over $149, 12-month financing on anything over $599, and 24-month financing on select advertised purchases. The Rewards Visa card offers users rewards points. Purchases earn three percent back at, unless you’re a Prime member and then you get five percent back; two percent back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores; and one percent on all other purchases. Reward points are good at, as well as for gift cards and cash back. There is no annual fee for either card.

Online Application

Both credit card applications are located on, and you will need a account to access them. Each application asks for name, address, phone number and yearly income, as well as date of birth, Social Security number and mother’s maiden to verify your identity. Depending on your credit history, you may receive instant approval after submitting the application, in which case you can start using your card number right away. The issuing bank mails the actual card within a few days. If you do not get instant online approval, the issuing bank sends the approval letter and card when finally approved.

Credit Requirements

Because uses a third-party financial institution for its credit cards, it does not set the requirements for credit card approval and does not guarantee approval. For approval, there must be no bankruptcies or recent delinquent accounts in your credit history. The issuing banks obtain credit bureau reports and scores to make a decision about credit approval. They may also gather information about any extensions of credit on your accounts.

Other Qualifications

Along with meeting the credit requirements, you must be 18 years old and have a valid Social Security number. Additionally, you may not have submitted an application for an credit card in the past 90 days. During the application process, you also have to agree to the terms and conditions of that particular card.

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