How to Buy a Prepaid Credit Card With a Check

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How to Buy a Prepaid Credit Card With a Check

Prepaid Credit Cards are becoming increasingly popular, especially as gifts. Gift givers can purchase a card with a predetermined amount of money loaded on to the card. When the prepaid card is received the recipient can use the funds at any merchant accepting the major credit card logo printed on the card. Prepaid credit cards can be found at the checkout lanes of most major department stores and supercenters.

Step 1

Select the prepaid credit card with the design that you desire. Many companies are now issuing prepaid credit cards with sayings such as congratulations or happy birthday preprinted on the card.


Step 2

Determine how much you would like to card to be validated for. Prepaid credit cards can be loaded with any amount that you wish though some do have limitations. Additionally there are some preprinted in $25 increments.

Step 3

Make your way to the checkout lane to complete your purchase. In the event that the amount is not preset the cashier will ask how much you would like to be loaded onto the card. The cashier will add the money to the card and make the card active. Prior to purchase the card is not worth anything. The cashier must activate it in order to work.

Step 4

Write your check out for the amount of the sale. Most cards charge an additional load fee to add money. In most cases this fee is less than $5. There will be no tax on the purchase of a prepaid credit card.


Prepaid Credit Cards can be used at any retailer who accepts cards bearing the major credit card logo imprinted on the face of the card, however some prepaid credit cards will not allow you to pay for your gasoline purchases at the pump


Always remember to record your check transaction in your register to avoid overdrafts.

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