How to Insure Valuables Shipped by Mail

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How to Insure Valuables Shipped by Mail

How to Insure Valuables Shipped by Mail. Sending valuables–jewelry, antiques or even an item of sentimental value–by mail can make you uneasy. You hope that once shipped, they will get to their destination in one piece, but you just don’t know. To quell these fears, insure your possessions when you mail them by filling out a simple form. All mail delivery companies have some form of insurance available to their customers.

Insure Valuables Shipped by Mail

Step 1

Determine the monetary worth of the valuables you are going to have shipped. This may include having the items professionally appraised before packing them. The post office or private delivery company you choose will need this information.

Step 2

Ask the employee at a private shipping outlet if insurance is included in the price of mailing the package. Some companies insure parcels up to a set value of your item and then require you to purchase additional insurance if needed.

Step 3

Tell the postal clerk that you wish to buy insurance. He will ask you the value of the package. Postal insurance fees increase incrementally according to the worth of the package’s contents.

Step 4

Select the “Registered Mail” option if you are sending something worth more than $25,000. This type of mail is transported under tighter security than regular mail to avoid damage or loss of the valuables.

Step 5

Fill out insurance forms that may be required by the company who is handling your package. If you buy postage through your computer, print out these forms and labels at home.

Step 6

Pay the insurance fee when you pay for your postage.

Step 7

Retain the insurance receipt you are given after completing your transation. You will need the information it contains in the event that you need to file a claim on your package.


If you are mailing very expensive or valuable goods, call around to get an estimate on shipping prices before you choose a carrier. Companies that include basic insurance in their shipping quotes may turn out to be a better deal. A few of the additional delivery services offered by the Unites States Postal Service include delivery or signature confirmation and return receipt. They can be used to further insure your package. These services can be tracked online and make it easy for the user to know when the package arrives at its destination.

Things You’ll Need

  • Package to be mailed
  • Insurance fee
  • Insurance form
  • Monetary worth of item

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