How to Replace a BC Care Card

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How to Replace a BC Care Card

A BC Care Card is the old name for a card given to participants in the Medical Services Plan in British Columbia. It’s now known as a BC Services Card. If you have a photo card with driver’s license information, you can replace it at a driver’s licensing center. Otherwise, replace the card through Health Insurance British Columbia. If you move to a new Canadian province or abroad, you must register for health insurance in your new home.

Lost MSP Card

If you live in the province of British Columbia, Canada, you generally will register to participate in the Medical Services Plan, or MSP, in that province to receive medical care. You will then receive a card from Health Insurance British Columbia or, if it is combined with your driver’s license, from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, or ICBC, which handles driver’s licensing and auto insurance.

You will generally want to keep this card, called a BC Services Card, in your wallet or purse or otherwise with you for identification and to show that you are enrolled in the health insurance plan and, if you drive, that you’re licensed to do so. If you lose it or it is damaged or stolen, you can have it replaced.

If you are a licensed driver with a combined BC Services card and license or photo ID card and you find your BC Services Card lost, go to an ICBC driver’s licensing office to request a new one. If you can’t go right away, you can still report the card as lost or stolen so officials know somebody may be trying to use it to impersonate you. You may have to pay a fee to replace your license or photo ID.

If it’s not combined with a driver’s license and isn’t a photo ID, contact Health Insurance British Columbia to get a new card. There isn’t usually a fee to replace a lost medical card in BC if it is not a driver’s license or photo ID.


Revoked Driver’s License

If your license to drive is revoked or suspended and your health insurance card was also your driver’s license, that doesn’t automatically remove you from the BC health plan. Contact Health Insurance BC if you don’t have your official Health Insurance Number and visit a driver’s licensing center to get a new photo ID that reflects your current driving status.


Moving Between Jurisdictions

If you move out of British Columbia, you will likely need or want to get health insurance in your new home. If you’re moving to a new Canadian province, follow that province’s rules to sign up for its health insurance plan and get new identification and any licenses that you need.

If you’re moving abroad, see what the rules are in your new home and sign up for appropriate public or private insurance and a driver’s license if you drive. You may want to get temporary health insurance while you wait to qualify for a new permanent plan.

If you are moving into British Columbia, you will want to fill out a BC Services Card application to get your card. You may need to get temporary private health insurance while you wait for the BC health plan to go into effect. You can apply for the health plan online or by mail and then go to an ICBC driver’s licensing center to sign up for a driver’s license or photo ID that will also have your health plan information.

Incorrect Information on the Card

If your card has incorrect or outdated information about your name, gender or birth date, contact Health Insurance BC for help.

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