How to Check the Status on Your Workman’ s Comp Claim Benefits

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How to Check the Status on Your Workman’ s Comp Claim Benefits

Your workman’s compensation claim seems like the most urgent thing in the world when you’re unable to work and without funds, and sometimes it seems like the system moves a little too slowly. Check the status of your claim to determine when your benefits will be approved. Workman’s compensation benefits are paid to injured workers by the state where you’re employed. Part of your paycheck, as well as employer contributions, fund the programs, which are operated by each state’s Department of Labor, Industrial Relations or Workman’s Compensation Commission.

Step 1

Locate the claim number from the application you filed for workman’s compensation. It should be on your confirmation printout or paperwork you brought home, if you filed in person.


Step 2

Log on to the website operated by the state department that manages workman’s compensation. If you can’t find it, call the claims examiner assigned to you when you filed and ask for the website.

Step 3

Select the option that allows you to check your benefits or the status of a pending claim.


Step 4

Enter your claim number, date of birth and part of your Social Security number or PIN. Different states require different information; follow the instructions on your screen.


Step 5

Call your claims examiner if you have other questions about the status of your claim or your workman’s compensation check.


Make your claim as soon as you’re able. Work with your doctor and employer to file the correct paperwork.

Most states have an 800 number that you can call for an quick explanation of your claim’s status.

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